His Bride Ministries!

The Marriage Supper of the Lamb is coming! True revival is near! Are you ready for God's new thing?

Join with us as we launch 'His Bride Ministries', a ministry devoted to bringing God glory and serving whosoever will, through the multiple gifts and talents that the Lord has blessed us with.

Cynthia and I are available to minister the word and song to your congregation, small group, homeless shelter, or special event, bringing the good news of the Kingdom Of God, the message of the cross and prophetic words of the Lord to edify, heal, deliver, convict, and exhort all who hear to answer the high call of God!

If you hunger and thirst for the waters of Christ, if you want the full counsel of God, contact us! For the Lord has anointed us to minister and to take His gospel to the ends of the earth!



Message about what is to be made a disciple of Jesus Christ? 08/14/2017-  Portuguese&English
Mensagem sobre o que e ser feito um discipulo de Jesus Cristo? 14/08/2017 - Portugues&Ingles

Part 1

Part 2

A Transmissao Oral - 15/08/2017 - Portugues

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