Monday, January 3, 2011

Prophetic Dream Of Coming Events?

**** From Youtube User lldcadc ****

I am sharing this prophetic dream I watched on Youtube, because I believe it is a glimspe of what is coming in the near future. I myself had a dream in 09 of seeing war in heaven and I believe this dream bears witness to mine and includes many other end-time symbols that can be found in scripture. I'll include my interpretation of this dream and if anyone else has a revelation or interpretation feel free to post it.

The Three Pyramids - Could be a symbol for the Nephilim, NWO, fallen angels etc...

Ruined church - The man-made church buildings are crumbling down and getting ready to collaspe, the judgments of God, i.e. earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, etc.. an economic collaspe would cause the fall of many church buildings as well.

Man walking and stubbing toe on debris trying to get to the church - This may mean our walk through the wilderness being hard and sometimes we stumble, hurt ourselves etc.. also trying to find refuge in Christ.

Pit in the ground and dragon trying to get out - This could mean Satan or the beast of the pit (demonic spirit) that will be loosed upon this earth, (see Rev. 12-13) this denomic spirit is being held in the pit right now and he is trying to get out but can't until the appointed time. I believe this is the demonic spirit of the antichrist that will possess the body of a wounded political leader and this leader will rise up miraculously by the power of Satan.

Two angels above pit, one in white one in black - God's angel, and Satan's angel

Sky turns dark, stars fall from sky - See Rev 1:20, & 12, I believe this is the war in heaven between God's angels, and Satan's angels. Satan and his angels are cast out of heaven and thrown down to the earth.

Two more - Could mean years and this dream was in Dec. 2010, that would put an event happening in Dec. 2012 which coincides with many other prophecies, predictions, dreams etc...

The number 4 - I have heard this number myself, I heard it in 09, again could mean years.

In The Lord's Service,