Monday, January 3, 2011

Prophetic Dream Of Coming Events?

**** From Youtube User lldcadc ****

I am sharing this prophetic dream I watched on Youtube, because I believe it is a glimspe of what is coming in the near future. I myself had a dream in 09 of seeing war in heaven and I believe this dream bears witness to mine and includes many other end-time symbols that can be found in scripture. I'll include my interpretation of this dream and if anyone else has a revelation or interpretation feel free to post it.

The Three Pyramids - Could be a symbol for the Nephilim, NWO, fallen angels etc...

Ruined church - The man-made church buildings are crumbling down and getting ready to collaspe, the judgments of God, i.e. earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, etc.. an economic collaspe would cause the fall of many church buildings as well.

Man walking and stubbing toe on debris trying to get to the church - This may mean our walk through the wilderness being hard and sometimes we stumble, hurt ourselves etc.. also trying to find refuge in Christ.

Pit in the ground and dragon trying to get out - This could mean Satan or the beast of the pit (demonic spirit) that will be loosed upon this earth, (see Rev. 12-13) this denomic spirit is being held in the pit right now and he is trying to get out but can't until the appointed time. I believe this is the demonic spirit of the antichrist that will possess the body of a wounded political leader and this leader will rise up miraculously by the power of Satan.

Two angels above pit, one in white one in black - God's angel, and Satan's angel

Sky turns dark, stars fall from sky - See Rev 1:20, & 12, I believe this is the war in heaven between God's angels, and Satan's angels. Satan and his angels are cast out of heaven and thrown down to the earth.

Two more - Could mean years and this dream was in Dec. 2010, that would put an event happening in Dec. 2012 which coincides with many other prophecies, predictions, dreams etc...

The number 4 - I have heard this number myself, I heard it in 09, again could mean years.

In The Lord's Service,


  1. I just cannot go past this Tyrone as Ross will even tell you this is very similiar to what I have seen previously on more than one occasion Slightly different but very similiar ....

  2. Yes sister, the Lord shows us what is yet to come, and He warns us so that we can prepare ourselves for whats ahead. Stay in prayer and fastings so that you may hear His voice clearly in these last days.

    Love In Christ,

  3. -Man stubbing toe trying to get to church: the churches have been judged. the churches have fallen and are a stumbling block.

    -2 angels: Like the 4 horsemen, Jesus is the one in white and the angel of death is the angel of death - depending on your interpretation. Or 2 horses have been released.

    -2 more angels is 4 : there are 2 angels left of the 4 horsemen.

  4. Rev 1v16 was seen in April 2008; right hand holding 7 stars. This is the 'Apollo's hand nebula' found in the Lupus constellation. This started the clock ticking.
    When these signs appear, look up, wasn't it written?
    Well I took God literally and looked up at the stars and I saw the 1st Horse and its rider had a bow (Toxon in greek means this is a gift type bow more than a weapon type). Sagittarius has a bow and laurel crown (Stephanos) the Sun is in this constellation from 18th Dec to 21 Jan in 2009. Barack Obama took office on 20 Jan 2009, which is when, they from the dark side, reckoned the Age of Aquarius started. They had already decided to give him the Nobel peace prize before he became President-not a coincidence.

    The 2nd has a huge sword-Orion has a giant sword as he is a giant. His time in the Sun is 14 May-21 July 2009 This is fulfilled by the Swine Flu vaccine and what is in it.

    3rd horseman is Libra, due to the symbol of the scales, this was between 31 Oct-21 Nov 2010 This is the cost of food or good food being inflated beyond poor people's ability to pay, by the tribe of Dan according to Amos 8.

    4th horseman is Death and Hades which is associated with Scorpio, seen in the Sun's path 21 Nov-30 Dec 2010. (This includes Ophiucus.)
    This is death by sword=Swine flu vaccine and what is in it, famine=lack of untainted food, plague=Swine flu and wild beasts=microwave people cookers (as in US Army manual) or psychic vampires-you choose.

    A green comet appeared in Auriga in Dec 2010 to warn us of 'storms ahead' but in E.W. Bullinger 'Witness of the stars' book, Auriga is 'Safety for the Redeemed in the day of that wrath'.

    So 4 Horseman have already gone, two more to go, and I hope two more years till Shiloh on 31 March 2013 if the Mayans are right.
    Shiloh is when both the Sun and the Moon are eclipsed by another body in space-probably Planet X.
    Be prepared as no electrical items will work-get portable gas fires and a weeks worth of food that can be boiled on a portable camping gas stove.
    Buy oil lanterns or candles for light, for 3 days. No TV, quartz watches nor battery torches will work. It will get very cold, so get thermals and plenty of blankets. And water too.
    This is the time satellites will fall from the sky, as the Sun's photons won't be keeping them up-the unripe fig symbolism.
    God bless you.