Sunday, August 11, 2013

My Father's Business (Dream)

I had a dream that I went to my father's company in order to verify if some things were going according to the way my Father would administrate that place. In the dream my Father had already passed for many years.

In this dream all the employees  were very well dressed, but mainly the responsible ones who were dressed in their impeccable suits. I was talking to the manager and he said that everything was going well in the company and that week would be very important for the business because huge amounts of business (which were translated into money for the company).

So, I went on verifying everything in the company, I mean everything, including areas where no employee/customer would be even looking at, for example behind the printers, behind places, etc....and for my surprise that company that was going so well was extremely dirty, full of dust that needed to be constantly cleaned up. So, I went to the manager and told him we needed to hire a person to clean that company and this person needed to be there every single day. In the dream I said full-time or part-time. And I also told the manager I knew someone that had already worked with me for years and she would be a great fit.

And then the dream changes to a Fresh Market where I came in and I was checking the fruits and vegetables to see if they were good or not for consumption. I found huge carrots, good ones and I also found bad ones which were not even good for juices. I saw huge vegetables but also small and bad ones. I was trying to find some good vegetables to make me a good juice.

-The end.-

My earthly deceased father = in the dream was my Heavenly Father who is alive

Employees well dressed = speak of how much the ones called to work for the Father must be- clothed in holiness, discreet, impeccable, no stains, no wrinkles, no blame- but worthy of the position they were given by the Father

Me and the manager speaking = It is how much the communication between the servant and the Holy Spirit of God who was left for us followers of Christ is important to be receiving the things that are about to happen. This can also be two-fold of me speaking/communicating with prophets who are God's gifted to receive the things that are to come.

Huge amounts of business = It is the great and busy kingdom of God which has a huge amount of demand of requests, prayers, emergencies, etc

Huge amounts of money= God was communicating that huge provision that would be coming on the way of those who take care of the kingdom of God.

Verifying the company = It is translated on the importance of analyzing our souls and having our temples/house completely clean daily before the presence of the Holy One- God Almighty.

Looking everywhere = means that there is not one single place in the soul/temple of a servant of God that can be without cleansing. For God wants us to be perfect.

A person to clean daily = The Holy Spirit of God who is the only One who knows what it is inside our hearts and He is the One who sanctifies us through the blood of Jesus. We ourselves cannot clean up our houses, that's why the importance of being inside the New Covenant of God and receiving the promised Holy Spirit to indwell your temple to clean up the house.

Someone I know for years = It translates for me as a tremendous reward to my soul of the Father speaking to me on how much I have known Him for years and how much I could learn of how He works in the temples/hearts of people and for me to be confident in Him always.

Fresh Market = Our hearts

Fruits and Vegetables = The Fruits of the Spirit (which can have just the ones who already have the Holy Spirit indwelling in them)

Found good ones and bad ones = That translates on how much we can have good gifts, we can have gifts of the Spirit but we can also be mixing that with some bad fruits of the flesh which NEED to be uprooted from our hearts and souls as soon as possible for they are not good for anything. but to be throw into the fire. A good tree cannot give bad fruit!

Detail: While I was finishing posting this dream and choosing a picture I heard clearly some deep and angry breathing on my kitchen which I know it was the enemy extremely upset that I am sharing this treasure from God. Nothing better than being in the center of God's will! Glory to God in the Highest!

Hope this dream can edify your soul as did to mine. While there's still time!

God bless you and keep your temple clean in Jesus name,

Cynthia Palmer

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