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Azusa Street Revival, End-Time Prophecies

These prophecies were given to sister Mary Galmond of Pasadena California over one hundred years ago, she received the Holy Spirit and the gift of prophecy before the Azusa street revival, which was one of the greatest outpourings of the Spirit and manifestations of the glory of God since the first century. Some of her prophecies confirm what the Lord has shown and told me and my wife over the last five years.

*Quoted From The Azusa Street Papers*

"Written from September 1906-May 1908 by various witnesses from the revival at 312 Azusa Street in Los Angeles, California"

"[The following was written down from the lips of a sister, who is unlearned and works at washing and ironing for a living. She received the gift of prophecy ten years ago, and though she is not learned in books or affairs of the world, she has been foretelling great events, and her prophecies accord with the Scriptures.]-Ed.

Years ago there was a Jew holding meetings in Pasadena, and he invited them to come up and receive the Holy Ghost. I had a little baby in my arms and could not get to the altar, but knelt in the aisle. I did not get anything, but I went home and washed my baby and put him to bed, and got down on my knees and said: "Dear Lord, please give me the Holy Ghost, if there is such a thing as the Holy Ghost. Give me what you would like for me to have." So that night He called me and anointed me with the Holy Ghost. It was just like an outpouring rain from heaven, and the next day it seemed I was nothing but a feather walking around. He told me I should see, hear and know the wonderful things that should come to pass, before they did come to pass.

"The Lord says, "The time is coming when the poor will be oppressed and the Christians can neither buy nor sell, unless they have 'the mark of the beast.'" Then He says: "The time will come when the poor man will say that he has nothing to eat and work will be shut down. And the rich man will go and buy up all the sugar, tea, coffee, etc., and hold it in his store, and we cannot get it unless we have the mark of the beast."

"That is going to cause the poor man to go to these places and break in to get food. This will cause the rich man to come out with his gun to make war with the laboring man. They will cause blood to be spilt in the street as it never was before." I saw the blood ankle deep, and they were holding to the horse's bridles with the right hand and cutting and slashing right and left with their swords. And the Lord said the blood would be in the streets like an outpouring rain from heaven. He says all these unions are bringing the sword to their own head, to cut their own heads off. (I had never heard of unions before the Lord showed me this and I asked my husband what 'labor against capital' meant.)

Then He said to me again: "The time is coming when men are going to get desperate and will go into the banks even at noontime and hew men down, and take out the silver and gold and walk on with it. They will rob the banks in open daytime." The Lord said the time was coming when men would not regard a man's life any more than that of a dog. Then He says again that there is going to be a war as there never was before. Four nations from the four corners of the earth are coming together for battle, and it is going to be one of the worst wars that ever was in history.

"The Lord says that earthquakes will come as they never have before and more often, because of the wickedness of the people. He wants His people to get ready. The only way He can get you ready is to bring disaster. If you do not repent, a great many of you will be lost. Not only is the earthquake coming, but death and destruction everywhere. Every day you hear of these things and you are walking into it with your eyes open, and death is overlooking you on the cars and railroads, and in floods and storms.

The Lord says there will be more destruction than there ever has been, because you will not serve God. You will not give God your hearts. He brings these things upon the earth, that you might repent and be drawn nearer to Him. He says wars and floods and pestilences and earthquakes shall come upon us. We must prepare ourselves for it.

The Lord showed me the earthquake in San Francisco just a year before the day it came to pass. He showed me an earthquake coming to Los Angeles. He showed me an eagle flying over Los Angeles and lighting on the highest building, and as it lit, the building began to crumble. I asked the Lord what it meant, and He said: "The eagle means death and the crumbling is an earthquake. There will be a violent shock in the morning and one at night. There will be mangling and tangling with wires, and the street car rails will bend and twist, and the telegraph poles will come down." He showed me the cars and people mangled up together and the live wires setting fire to the buildings. I asked Him if this was coming to pass, to show it to me again and He showed it to me again. And I saw a death angel flying over the city and fire falling on the city. The Lord showed me the land was going to sink and I saw water. Then five weeks after this earthquake, He said that Pasadena would be shaken, and many cities would be destroyed, and Chicago would be one of them.

I fasted two days and asked the Lord when it was coming, and He told me: "It will not come on Sunday," but He did not tell me when it would be. He says: "Be ready and look for it." I believe He will either save us or come and catch us up to heaven. The Lord said to me ten years ago: "If you are faithful, you shall never see death." I said: "Lord, when are you coming?" He said: "Be ready when I come, saith the Lord."

The Lord showed me that since Bro. Seymour came to Los Angeles, there have been more souls converted and sanctified than in all the city of Los Angeles during the last five years. And He said there would be more, and they should be as thick as the leaves and twigs on a tree. Mrs. Mary Galmond. 1106 N. Marengo Avenue,   Pasadena, Cal.

Seymour, William (2011-09-06). The Azusa Papers (Kindle Locations 708-711). Jawbone Digital. Kindle Edition. 

In Jesus,

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