Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Visions Of Hell

***Quoted From The Azusa Papers***

"A sister who has been baptized with the Holy Ghost was at a church where the evangelist denounced the works of grace, the baptism with the Holy Ghost and gift of tongues. That evening she says the Lord showed her a vision of an open hell just back of the pulpit, with the awful, lurid flames coming up, and people sitting around the altar with their feet hanging over into the open hell, unconscious of their condition.

Bro. Thos. Junk, while in Oakland, had a vision of hell. He seemed to leave his body and was taken to the top of Knob Hill, in the midst of the ruins of San Francisco. The Savior commanded him, "Son of man, speak." As soon as he spoke, the ground at his feet parted and moved from him, disclosing a liquid fire, like molten iron, with demons and men and women in flames. He says there came to him an awful fume of burning sulfur and he heard the screams of the damned, which were heart-rending. 

All around the edges of the great opening, people were walking, unconscious of the open pit, and a continual stream of them were falling into the lake of fire. He beheld them splashing into the fire and heard the laugh of demons as each struck the fire. While beholding all this, he saw a woman he had known for some time, a professor of holiness and one who took a prominent part in testimony and prayer, running toward the opening, looking too high to see it. She dashed right over into the flames, and a shout went up from the demons, with such roars of laughter as he had never heard before. 

Bro. Junk had been an infidel, and since his conversion could not believe the scripture statements concerning hell, and had been teaching that the sufferings of the lost would be remorse and spiritual distress, but not fire. As he looked on this scene, Jesus Christ told him to preach a hell of fire, just as it is in the word of God, and he promised to do so.

The next Sabbath that professor of holiness was in the meeting as an opposer, insisting that she was filled with the Holy Ghost, but that this work was the work of seducing spirits and the doctrines of devils. 

The above incidents are taken from the Household of God and many will remember Bro. Junk, who was with us in Los Angeles."

Seymour, William (2011-09-06). The Azusa Papers (Kindle Locations 1511-1517). Jawbone Digital. Kindle Edition. 

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