Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Azusa Street Miracles!

Excerpt taken from “Azusa Street, They Told Me Their Stories, The Youth and Children of Azusa Street Tell Their Stories” Retold by Brother Tommy

“I recall witnessing two of the greatest miracles where Seymour was greatly used by God. I was all ears! First, she told about the man with the wooden leg. Seymour had approached a man with a wooden leg and asked, What did you come here for?‘ The man replied, I want you to pray for my leg. It is starting to get gangrene where the wooden leg attaches. Seymour replied, I‘m just upset because you have the wooden leg on. It would be hard for God to grow a leg out when the wooden leg is attached. The man removed the wooden leg and stood before Seymour standing on his one good leg.

Seymour laid hands on the man and proclaimed, Let Thy Name be Glorified. In the Name of Jesus, I command this leg to grow out. The gangrene is gone; you are healed.

Seymour didn‘t preach that night. The miracle spoke for itself. Rejoicing was continuous as the crowd went wild. The man ran upon the platform and around the room. No one could get him to stop rejoicing and praising God.

Next, Sister Lankford told of the man with no arm. Seymour spoke with a man who had lost his arm ten years earlier through a work-related accident. The arm had been totally severed at the shoulder. Brother Seymour asked the crowd, Would you like to see God have a wonderful time here tonight?

Some of you may remember the man‘s leg that grew out about a year ago. Seymour then asked the one-armed man, Can you work with just the one arm? I‘m just given minimal paying jobs and I barely make enough money to even eat. Seymour shook his head and responded, That‘s not good. Are you married? Yes. Got kids? Yes. This man needs to be able to make a living. This man needs to work and he needs to be able to pay his tithe.

Will you tithe if I pray for you and God gives you your arm back? Seymour said teasingly. Yes! Seymour burst out laughing. I‘m just having fun. He then slapped his hands on the shoulder itself and commanded the arm to grow out. Almost instantly it grew out. The healed man stood in total shock, then started moving his arm and feeling of it with his other hand, awed by the miracle.

A few weeks later the man came back, bringing about 200 people with him, telling many at the meeting that he had gotten his old job back. Many of those he brought with him needed healing and left that evening fully restored as people in the crowd prayed and laid hands on each of them.”

The time is near for greater works than these to be made manifest in these last days!

In Jesus,

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