Sunday, March 16, 2014

Dream: War & Aliens

I had a very vivid dream this morning of war in America and aliens descending from the skies. In the dream I was walking down a dark street during the night time, I was with another man, but I don't know who this person was, and it seemed he didn't have a clue about what was coming. As I walked down the street with the man, I started to hear bombs dropping behind me so I turned around and looked, that's when I saw the flashes of light that bombs make when they go off and hit the ground. I yelled out WAR! And I saw two soldiers standing on my right side and I said, "It's starting! War is starting", then the two soldiers ran off in the direction of the war.

Then right after that I turned around and continued to walk up the street when I looked up into the sky, then I saw an alien craft coming out of the clouds, and I yelled out, "do not fear them!". The craft tried to run me over but I stretched out my hands in front of me and by the power of God it stopped right before it ran me down! Then I was attacked by a very strong man-like alien being, and I was wrestling with it for a few seconds when another one even stronger came up behind it and knocked it away from me with the swipe of one hand, then I grappled with this being for a short time and right after that I woke up!

I have already posted a few dreams I had of war coming to America and I've also read a few prophecies and dreams from some other people about war and a coming alien invasion. Is the Lord continuing to warn His people through visions, dreams, and prophecies about what's coming? I believe so! The Lord ALWAYS warns His people before His judgments fall. I said it before and I will  say it again, prepare yourself, get in the Ark while there's still time, the flood is coming! And so is Jesus!!!

In Jesus,

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