Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Can a dead person rise again?

Hello to all,

I received an email from a friend today with the link below and I would like to share some words with all of you regarding this video and subject:

Read John 11:1-44 (Jesus ressurected Lazarus from the dead)
Read Luke 7:11-14 (Jesus ressurected the only son of the widow of Nain)
Read Mark 5: 22-43 (Jesus ressurected the daughter of Jairus from the dead)

Watch this video:

God is able to raise any dead person from the dead with His Almighty power for His own glory, but the greatest ressurection that must take place for eternal life is not of the physical body, but in the soul !!!! Jesus said in :

John 11:25-26 : I am the ressurection and the Life, the one believing in Me, though he die, he shall live.And everyone living and believing into Me in no way shall die for ever!!!

So, I do believe that Jesus Christ raised this man from the video from the dead in order for him to have the chance to believe in Him and receive eternal life, for he himself said that he was in great darkness when he saw the light.

We are the same: Without Jesus our soul is in great darkness and it is separated from God and we all need Jesus in order to receive life, His Spirit, sanctification, purification of our souls and to be obedient to have eternal life! Do not despise His wonderful grace today!

Hope this iluminates your understanding and help to see how wonderful God is,

Much love in Christ,

Cynthia R. Palmer

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