Sunday, December 26, 2010

Prophetic Word From Brazil!

This is a word we received from a dear sister in Brazil, please pray about it and seek the face of the Lord for confirmation from Him. We pray that every soul who names the name of Jesus will prepare themselves for the times ahead.

Love In Christ,
Tyrone & Cynthia

"Many of His people who are not obedient will have cancer this year for their lack of repentance. Many the Lord will use to heal because they will repent, but many will die.

The Lord is lifting up many soldiers at this time in the whole earth, and He says: 'Time to prepare, seek my face more, fast more, read my word more, humble yourself more'.

'Warn my people that the One who is to come will come and will be soon!'

'Preach the truth and solely the truth, do not ornament what I speak because of appearances, because of friendships, Preach what I speak, do not change my words.'

Many bad things will come against those who call themselves Christians and are not.

Whoever really belongs to Him will stand it all, who does not belong to Him will NOT stand. Just those who are real Christians will stand in these bad days.

God is calling the soldiers of the last hour, He will call, equip and send them out."

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