Sunday, December 12, 2010

Great BOOM And A Vision Accompanied

Today at 3:40am I woke up with “another” very loud BOOM (like a great explosion, but this one was accompanied of a little longer sound kind of missing itself in the air like a jet)

The sound was very awakening for me.

Then, my husband woke up and stood up to open our black curtain to see what was going on, so he opened a little part of the curtain only, but above the curtain on the “concrete” part above the curtains in our bedroom, I had a vision , so vivid as I had never seen before.

I saw a isosceles trapezoid format , very clear to be this format with horizontal lines like a little vent in the middle (blinders horizontal lines), but this inside was transparent to my eyes, because I could see the colors interchangeably changing: LIGHT GREEN AND DARK RED, LIGHT GREEN AND DARK RED without stopping and I was telling my husband look, look, look I see this vision!

Green Like This:

Red Like This:
(This is the exact way I saw the vision, but it was in a trapezoid format and the green color was first and after the red one!)

Even while this vision was happening for it took a while to disappear, I was thinking about what this could be and I thought: green, red, green, red, and in my mind it came like a green/red flag and right away I kind of saw an emblem as a shield format in the middle of this flag with a white horse kind of standing up from its paws in the air in the middle of this shield emblem. And when this shield emblem appeared to me in my mind with the white horse inside it, I thought about GERMANY. And it ended up that we researched about the flags and we found one green/red/white horse inside a shield emblem with Nordhrein flag, a state in Germany.

Exactly this shield emblem format + the white horse inside:

I took this last picture from this link:

I am not sure if this is really a flag, it just happened to come to me as if it was, but I will pray for more confirmation from the Lord, but something really happened today, I just cannot describe what it really is, but it woke me up and made me meditate a lot.

I will still read about the white horse in revelation.

When we were researching the flags, the only ones we saw green/red/white horse as a shield emblem were:

Portugal (green/red)

Nordrhein flag ( a state in Germany)

I am praying for this revelation.

Love In Christ,


As we were just praying about all this the Lord gave Cynthia Joel 2:3, and then the Lord said, "but read until thirty two".

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