Sunday, December 12, 2010

Explosion And Vision

Brothers And Sisters

Last night around 3:00am my wife and I heard an explosion that sounded like a bomb went off and it lasted about five seconds or more. Cynthia said what was that!!!? I got up to look out the bedroom window and didn't see any fire, smoke, or damage anywhere. As I was looking out the window my wife opened her eyes and she was getting ready to get up and look when she saw right over my head to the right a vivid and clear vision of what she said looked like a trapazoid with alternating colors, green then red, green then red, and she got the impression it was Germany, but she's not sure, then she saw an emblem in the middle of the trapazoid like colors with a white horse reared up in the middle of the emblem.

Saints of God, something broke through in the spirit realm last night, and it could be a seal was opened? And the white horse of Revelation was loosed? Whatever it was it is definitely spiritual and it is upon us! I know we will see something happening in the natural that will bear witness to these spiritual events. Please pray about these things and ask the Lord to give you revelation concerning this, perhaps He will speak to one of you and we can know a bit more. And above all else stay in the love of the Father and fellowship with the Son, and Spirit.

With Love In Christ,
Tyrone & Cynthia

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