Monday, December 6, 2010

Dream: A Coming Race Riot?

By: Tyrone Palmer

This dream was short but I saw about ten or so white males shooting all kinds of weaponry at a black male and as he was running away they all threw some hand grenades at him, he dodged and flipped and managed to escape being blown up. -End-

I don't know what this dream means but I have read two other dreams that agree about a coming race riot here in America. I asked myself what could cause a riot like this, and I thought about the dreams and prophecies I have read recently about a coming economic crash, which will definitely cause absolute chaos when people lose all their money, 401k's, savings etc... no food, no electricity, no water, it would be a horrible situation.

Here are two links to dreams about a coming race riot.

I encourage you to pray for confirmation of these things and hear from the Lord yourselves about this riot. Whatever is coming upon us, we need to be ready for it, pray and fast about it, at the least you will have drawn closer to the Lord. And remember the Lord has promised to protect those who put their trust in Him!

May God Bless And Keep You In These Last Days,

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  1. I believe that David Wilkerson's "Urgent Warning" message he put out in 2009 has to do with this.