Friday, May 13, 2011

Destruction In The Bible-Belt (See Update)

While I was meditating I heard these words: "DESTRUCTION IN THE BIBLE- BELT". And then, this morning I heard:"IMMINENT". And the Holy Spirit brought to my remembrance all the recent bird and fish deaths, which I believe are the signs of the imminent earthquake coming to the New Madrid Fault Zone.

Also there was a thunder storm this morning and me and Cynthia heard a roll of thunder that sounding like cracking and crashing, this was no ordinary thunder roll, and I started to get up and look out the window, but I didn't feel any shaking so I knew it was in the spiritual realm, and I believe this will manifest soon in the physical realm!

Isaiah 24:20

The earth shall reel to and fro like a drunkard,  And shall totter like a hut;  Its transgression shall be heavy upon it,  And it will fall, and not rise again.
Abiding in Him,

***** UPDATE 6-11-11 *****

I believe this word was fulfilled on Sunday May 22nd 2011 when a category F-5 tornado hit Joplin, Missouri. This area of southern America is located within the bible belt.

Bible Belt Activates

"Fortunately for Sisney and the 50,000 other residents, prayer is plentiful in this southwestern Missouri town that was so badly damaged. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said the system was an F-5, the strongest rating assigned to tornadoes, with winds of more than 200 mph.

Joplin is centrally situated in the buckle of the Bible Belt, with two Christian colleges in the city: Ozark Christian College, whose campus was not harmed, and Messenger College. Less than an hour east of town is Springfield, where Christian organizations like Convoy of Hope and the Assemblies of God are both headquartered."



  1. Tyrone I seem to be coming to your blog, wings of prophecy, Dannys Truth and Mercy Ministry blog a lot over the last few days and keep asking God why I'm being directed. I haven't received any word from The Lord, but over this last 2 weeks I've felt a kind of urgent feeling that something is coming somewhere in the world. I have felt that God is making me suffer more in May than in any other time. I pray for hours each day and then come to the blogs. After what Glynda is saying and Danny and now you Tyrone I really think that we must be ready with our lamps lit, oil etc as these times are perilious. The suffering in the whole world is unbelievable in some places. I seem to be listening to David Wilkersons 'Anguish'recording a lot and we are not really responding to this urgency. I'm going to pray for you all with prophetic gifts and David too for his intercession as I'm sure he is with God in Heaven and is interceeding for us right now!

    God Bless you and Cynthia

  2. Hey stuart, praise the Lord He led you to our blog! We don't believe in coincidence, it's definitely a reason He sent you here and I believe it's to let you know what He is saying in this hour to prepare you for what's ahead, as His judgment continues to fall on this nation and the whole world life as we know it now will be forever changed!

    I pray that you will heed the words He is speaking through His chosen vessels in this hour, we are one's crying out in the wilderness, Repent, For The Day Of The Lord Draws Near!

  3. Hello my friends I just read the same verse Isa 24:20, I was given that verse as well as all of ISA CH 21 concerning Judgment on America and everyday someway or another keep getting Pas 11
    I feel psalms 11 points to 2011 maybe, its a tad unsound, but things seem to fit in the word like that as I am sure you both know. March is month 3
    verse 3 Ps 11 March 11, what happened in March? the Japan quake and the verse is spot on.
    If the foundations be destroyed what can the righteous do?
    VR 4 talks about God trieth the children of men His eye's behold,His eyelids try the children of men, Much is happening in 2011 no doubt. In the Jews calender they have a name for each year, 2011 is the year of the eye, HMMM, odd Gods eye is on us all. That is an amen to us , but an oh oh, to the unsaved.

    Ps 5 for May and this points to what you emailed me about God trying, splitting in half the Bible belt.VR 5 says The Lord trieth the righteouss....That could be us all and those in the quake coming.

    Vr 6 June 2011 Upon the wicked He shall rain snares, fire and brimstone and a horrible temptest...The words Horrible temptest means lit, a burning wind.
    These are just a few examples of how at times certain books, psalms can be seen in a sequence that fits, and Spring lasts till what June 20th so, I could myself be off on The May word, we know in Part and Prophesy in Part, to date after 31+ years using Prophecy not one single word has failed to come to pass in exactness, I say this in all Humility as it is God, not me, amen. My wife, family and past co-workers and ministers in Christ know this as fact, so they are heeding as they know so far at age 51 not one word has not come to pass.

    David Wilkerson even had a couple things that did not come to pass and He was my mentor 35 years.So I have a human fear that says, well Lord if this is the first time I did not hear you correct, Let me not bring reproach upon your name, if so, kill me. My ministry and outreach would be dead after May and nothing happens LOL.

    The original prophecy was before the seed is sown, in March to the end of May a great Calamity and a Famine will hit America..

    It was from that short word, I was inspired to write the 2011-2012 e-book.The Earthquake in Japan and new Zealand and wow Christs Church was the start as Judgment starts in the house of God, I believe that was symbolic of what God started and March we,, Japan and that is far from over.

    So now since the Japan Quake I must say I have been concentrating solely on New Madrid and Ca, where I live.

    Pray I do not listen to me and hear only God. Our ministry is need of Prayer we are having our second service Sunday, we started yet another Ministry and a new plant. So we must minister on, until it all happens and than even more so after it does, amen

    So Nice to contact others with Kindred spirits, May God bless you both and yours.

  4. I'm the anonymous person who confirmed your word in February, "They are coming, be prepared."

    Last night I was awakened by the sound of church bells ringing. It was 1:42 am. I heard dong dong.....dong dong....then I was suddenly awake and I couldn't hear it loud as I did when I was awakened by it. I could hear it waaaaay off and it was an emergency type of call. Like they would do when there was a fire before there were phones. I thought it must be an urgent call to pray but I didn't know who to pray for so I prayed for my family, then my church, then for Israel. After about 10 minutes of praying I noticed they stopped ringing. I asked my cousin (my spiritual mentor) what she thought about it and she said pray for the people in our nation to turn back to Christ while there is still time while God is calling before his judgement falls on our nation, just as he judged Israel he will judge us unless we harken to his voice, and repent and turn our ways back to Him.

  5. Hey brother Danny, thank you for the comment! If you know the Lord spoke to you then what He says will come to pass, if it does not then you know it wasn't the Lord who spoke! Thats what the word tells us in Deuteronomy 18:21-22, I know the voice of the Lord and I know that if He speaks a prophetic word to me it will happen, it's impossible for God to lie!

    We'll keep you and your family in our prayers, the time of God's judgment is upon this nation and the world, we must be strong in the Lord, the day is coming soon, when the overcomers will walk in the resurrection power of Jesus Christ and the greater works will be done for the glory of God in this earth once more! May we all be ready for the return of the King!

    Many Blessings,

  6. Anonymous, What came to me right when you said you were awakened by the sound of church bells ringing, was the earthquake that happened on the New Madrid Fault line in 1812, "Church bells were reported to ring as far as Boston" (Wikipedia) Who knows if God was not giving you a prophetic sound of what's to come? Just like me and my wife heard the cracking and crashing sound! I read a prophecy were the person heard the cracking sound of the earth being split apart from an earthquake that could be heard miles away.

    The hour is truly short, let us all be alert and soberminded.

    May God Bless You,

  7. That's what all those who are in Christ are called to do MFM! :-) He who wants to lead must first serve!

    Blessings In Christ,

  8. An e-mail from a sister in Christ:

    Last week as I was taking a shower I heard and felt a great rumbling. It was storming outside, but it was more then just thunder. It was as if it had a life of its own. It began at a distance and as the sound grew louder it felt as though the walls trembled at the very sound. When I turned the water off so that I could hear more clearly it was as if what I was hearing was not there in the physical.

    This happened early last week. It was as if the earth was quaking Tyrone. Like you were being drawn into a vacum of some sort. After I read your blog it seemed important that I share what happened to me last week as it confirms what you and Cynthia heard. Shalom and blessings on your houshold! Marilyn

  9. I thought I'd mention that at the start of January The Lord kept warning me to get away from the television, although I only watched 1 hour a day in the evening. These were physical warnings inside my body, I switched off and went upstairs to my room and prayed then went to bed and prayed more till I fell asleep. What I want to get across to the readers is the urgency. I now realize that seeing Japan and New Zealand happening it was no wonder! I feel the same urgency, its as if I've been put on High Alert for some months now. Last year it happened before Haiti and the terrible winter we had. I have absolutely no doubt that things are going to happen, and as Cythnia says "we must be prepared" and not waste anytime watching useless programs, but pray unceasingly.

    Love and God Bless to you all.